Core drill

Core drilling technology is used primarily to create a precise circular hole in concrete, reinforced concrete, respectively rock.

The most frequent use of core drilling:

Penetrations for sewer, water, heating, gas, electricity, air conditioning, computer networks, chimneys, exhausts, test drilling holes for anchoring construction, elevators, crane, rails etc.

Here are advantages of core drilling:

– High precision of drill hole
– Speed
– Low vibration and shocks
– High flexibility of use

We are able to perform this professional work, using high quality advanced technology and expensive technical equipment.

Currently, we use drilling technology Hilti, coring engines DD120 and DD200. Core bits with mounted Hilti diamond segments can drill into concrete 10 – 20 times faster than eg. pneumatic hammers and with incomparable static and visual results.

We can proceed core drilling for diameter 12 to 300 mm in concrete or bricks.

Drilling is performed based on customer requirements and we cannot take responsibility for damage to statics etc.

Please note, that surcharges to standard prices arise in next cases:

Work at height above 1,5 m
Horizontal wall drilling
Drilling into the ceiling
Frequent movement of the machine
Reinforcing above 15 mm
Works on holidays, Sundays, at night
Preparatory work