Our company

Our philosophy is to build a strong team of reliable professionals, to conduct quality professional work and expand the number of satisfied customers. Successful mutual cooperation with customers and suppliers guarantees satisfaction of all parties.

The goal of our company is to provide quality comprehensive services for a long-time period at a high level. We do our work with the utmost responsibility.
Our goal is a satisfied customer, which will come back to us with their questions and projects, visions and ideas.
The reward for us are satisfied clients.

Since the date of formation of the company by Radek Polák, Lutopol has begun dynamic and flexible development and currently it has under the name LUTOPOL the facilities and resources to carry out large-scale projects.

LUTOPOL Company uses branded tools and machinery manufactured by Hilti, Karcher, Woma, Pralisoli, Rothenberg, Rems and other respectful producers.